An upcoming narrative short film. I'm the writer, director and editor.    A horror-whodunit short film about a serial killer targeting the newcomers of a neighborhood undergoing gentrification.       Currently seeking funds for post-production, film festival costs and promotional material.     Please visit  for more information on contributing.       The FADER:   ‘This Slasher Movie About Gentrification Looks Amazing’    PAPER :  ‘There’s A Horror Film About Brooklyn Gentrification In The Works’    DNA info :  ‘Horror Film Tackling Brooklyn Gentrification Kills Off Newcomers’    Brick Underground :  ‘Donate to the Kickstarter for ‘White Knuckle’, a gentrification slasher film set in Bed-Stuy’    Graveyard Shift Sisters :  'Black Horror Films: Slasher Flick, White Knuckle Tackles Gentrification'       
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